Contact me for a Demo
Contact me for a Demo

Cost-effective pricing and hassle-free setup as Cloud service

Hassle-free Installation
We take full care of the installation of your web-based Medical Need Program on a domain (URL) of your choice. This includes the adjustment of the layout to your company style.

The MNP portal is 100% web-based and thus all your data can be accessed 24/7.

When needed, the portal can handle multiple languages.

The fee for this one-time installation is € 4.500.*
*Discount may apply for not-for-profit organizations
Helping you Thrive
We make sure that from your first MNP project onwards, each project is a 100% success. We take care of the configuration of the online forms and implement your preferred workflow.

In general, the cost for a MNP setup ranges between € 5.000 and 10.000.*

Please contact us to have a detailed quote of the cost involved for a MNP customization.
*Discount may apply for not-for-profit organizations
Everything Included
Once your MNP is implemented on the web Portal, the only cost is a monthly usage fee. The monthly fee is € 750* (per MNP).

There are no long-term commitments as a subscription can be cancelled per month.
*Discount may apply for not-for-profit organizations
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